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Who We Are

In the 1990s, Stan Berman worked at FERC on the development of Order No. 888, and he then led FERC's Electric Trial Staff as it implemented those new rules around the United States.  Eric Todderud meanwhile helped market participants navigate those new rules.  Since 1999, we have been working together, both providing advice to electric market participants and litigating the highest profile electric market issues.

Stan Berman

3502 Fremont Avenue N, #1
Seattle, WA 98103

First chair veteran of numerous trials and appeals over a thirty year litigation career.  Proudly represents the nation's largest electric utilities.

Eric Todderud

3502 Fremont Avenue N, #2
Seattle, WA 98103

Three decades of experience in negotiating, drafting, litigating, and advising all sectors of the electric industry about complex energy issues.